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Francis Antennas are pre-tuned from the Francis Antenna factory so tuning it to the vehicle is usually not necessary, making it the antenna of choice for anyone needing to easily and quickly mount an antenna without the hassle of tuning.

Francis Antenna product line

Francis Antenna Hot Rod CB Radio AntennasThe Francis Antenna line of quality CB Radio antennas are available in all the popular lengths and three colors. Easy to install. Great to look at.

A true CB antenna standard. What else can you ask for? Four popular Francis CB Antenna sizes are available in three popular colors:

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Also available are


The Francis Antenna Advantage...

What is the Francis Antenna mobile CB fiberglass antenna advantage?

Fiberglass CB antenna whip

Double quarter wave

Continuous load

Standard 3/8" - 24 Chromed brass ferrule

Traditional Sleek Style That Reduces Wind Drag Load

Each Antenna Is Individually Tuned For Maximum Performance

Exclusive Double Helical Winding

Winding Sealed Inside Fiberglass For Long Life And Durability

Custom Fiberglass Formula For A Flexible, Long Lasting Antenna

Francis antenna

3' Hot Rod Francis CB Antenna

4' Hot Rod Francis CB Antenna

4.5' Hot Rod Francis CB Antenna

5.5' Hot Rod Francis CB Antenna